ILHAM ECHENTA for ZALORA – Behind The Scene

I got a called from Zara Zalora last month and you know what time she was calling me to make a deal? It was 12 am and when she told me whether I was interested or not to be part in collaboration with ZALORA. I immediately said YES!

(of course)

So the gap of duration to get all the collection to be ready is around 1 month. We work extra hours to get all the materials, our tailors have to bare in mind to finish all the tailoring before end of March as we need to pass to the beads-man to settle the embellishment. It is crazy but we enjoyed doing these beautiful turbans and hijabs for


and I hope my lovely customers will love these collection as much as we passionately done for you.

Plus, something exciting will be going on in few weeks time where our session for showcasing our collection will be held on 6th April 2017 at GLAM HALL, Mercu Mustapha Kamal.  So we did a campaign shoot last Wednesday and thanx to KREE for loaning their KREE for Zalora Raya 2017 to match with our turbans and hijabs.

Thanx love!

(Pardon my furry slippers)

Oh what a great combination from head to toe and I really wish that everything goes smoothly as we planned.



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