2021 New Year Revolution

What’s your 2021 goals?

Any plan yet or still doing the same thing like before?

As for ILHAM ECHENTA, we are looking forward to share our excitement of new products

that will be launched next week.

More easy going turban, more basic colors, more simple look as we understand many of you are working at home.

therefore, this HAZEL TURBAN like what I was donning will launch at the right time.

A comfortable turban that you can wear while running errands 🙂

Will launch very soon at http://www.ilhamechenta.com.my





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Malacca Ride with Throttle Riot

It has been a long time since the last time hubby and I went for a long ride.

The last time we went for a long ride was to Phuket, Thailand before I pregnant my 4th child.

So last Sunday (Dec, 27th), we joined THROTTLE RIOT riders to Malacca (my hometown).

What a great foods with a great bunch of new friends.

Repeat soon!


Speed a bit lah sayang 😝

1st stop at Seremban

ROCK ‘N ROLL with these lady riders 😎


Cendol Kampung Hulu, Melaka

Lunch at Kafe Tuju, Melaka

 My handsome hubby 😚

*Oh Btw, everytime I went for a ride I will choose ILHAM ECHENTA #celineturban coz this turban is very comfortable to wear with helmet.

One photo with hubby before we end this year of 2020 🙂

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New Turban Released – Quinn Turban

This month will be the end of year 2020. We have passed such unpredictable pandemic crisis of COVID-19.

The whole world are totally changed. We are using more online than offline. We need to accept the changes.

So here is our special plan for this year.

FAST TURBAN, specifically for all women who need to manage life as fast as possible.

Either you are STAY AT HOME or WORK AT HOME. Let the positive vibes be around you.

Wear nice clothes even if you go out just for a moment to date with your friend, partner, or family.

As you seen below, this NEW RELEASED QUINN TURBAN are dedicated to all women who are determine, lovely and have strong vision.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish in advance a HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2021 to all my beloved

ILHAM ECHENTA lovers and also to everyone out there.

Be safe everyone! LOVE,



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Pure London – Day 2

July 23rd, 2018.

Ilham Echenta were having 3 days event at Pure London under Modestrove. Alhamdulillah all went well and we were excited to get to learn new things about trade industry. Something that I looking forward for the future. InsyaAllah

Btw for my 2nd day outfit to Pure London.

I was donning my favorite turban, Scarlett Turban by Ilham Echenta and Mustard flowy skirt by Larney.

Oh ya above photos were taken before and after the Pure London event. As usual I couldn’t resist to take photo because I was amazed with the beautiful flowers at every shops that I stop for an #ootd 🙂


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LIVE on Islam Channel Tv, UK

When Rashida, Founder of Modestrove told me that I will need to prepare myself to be interviewed live on tv for Islam Channel TV. I was so afraid if I couldn’t speak well during the interview session. It was my 1st time being interviewed by non-local media and please forgive my broken-language because I was really nervous on that day. I shall improve and polish my communication skill, InsyaAllah.

After the interview, I took a chance to capture my whole outfit:

Turban: Bonita Turban by Ilham Echenta

Outfit: You Me and Hunny


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Drape My Turban by Ilham Echenta

On July 27th, 2018, we had a blast meet and great session with our turban and hijab influencers from London at The Collective Hq, Bedford Square, London.  I got a chance to meet new followers and old friends that i met 3 years back during my fashion showcase, Oct 2015. The event was held for 3 hours and that was my 1st time conducted a turban styling session in UK.


I would like to thank to our event planner and organizer, Modestrove for helping me to make sure that our #drapemyturban event all went well . Hugs


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HARIAN METRO – Behind The Scene

Farhana, a reporter from Harian Metro contacted me through whatsapp last week and asked me whether I was available on 28th March 2017 to feature me on HR. It’s good to know that she remembered me and if i’m not mistaken the last time I met her was at ILHAM ECHENTA Tea Party at Demure by Hana.

Thanx Ana for giving me an opportunity again to be featured in Harian Metro 🙂

To be honest, I am quite a shy person in person 🙈

Felt awkward to pose in front of photographer other than my husband 😅


1st style I was donning Aulia Hijab – Special Edition and 2nd style is Celine Turban with embellishment.

Both collection are from ILHAM ECHENTA for Zalora Raya 2017.

We will announce in our Instagram when the new collection have been released ❤️

Can’t wait to share with you guys the article for this photoshoot. InsyaAllah it will be on paper by tomorrow.

So don’t forget to get a copy!


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ILHAM ECHENTA for ZALORA – Behind The Scene

I got a called from Zara Zalora last month and you know what time she was calling me to make a deal? It was 12 am and when she told me whether I was interested or not to be part in collaboration with ZALORA. I immediately said YES!

(of course)

So the gap of duration to get all the collection to be ready is around 1 month. We work extra hours to get all the materials, our tailors have to bare in mind to finish all the tailoring before end of March as we need to pass to the beads-man to settle the embellishment. It is crazy but we enjoyed doing these beautiful turbans and hijabs for


and I hope my lovely customers will love these collection as much as we passionately done for you.

Plus, something exciting will be going on in few weeks time where our session for showcasing our collection will be held on 6th April 2017 at GLAM HALL, Mercu Mustapha Kamal.  So we did a campaign shoot last Wednesday and thanx to KREE for loaning their KREE for Zalora Raya 2017 to match with our turbans and hijabs.

Thanx love!

(Pardon my furry slippers)

Oh what a great combination from head to toe and I really wish that everything goes smoothly as we planned.



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